We have prepared e-commerce portal,  which will soon be replacing these pages. This portal is fully  operational so you can order via it. Orders are considered to be full-fledged and they will be delivered,  however transport rates are valid only for Czech Republic, delivery 


Portal is in Czech language so far, but English version is being planned. However, we found Google translation feature to be quite acceptable if needed. 


When you’re not logged in, you will see official recommended retail prices for Czech Republic. When logged in you will see prices directly for you denominated in Euro and Incoterms parity,  for which you are are trading with our company. For more info, please contact our team. You will get to the E-commerce zone by clicking link below. Standard link address is.:https://new.kratochvil-elektro.cz/


Kratochvíl spol. s r.o.

Bienerova 1532
274 01 Slaný

IČO: 18623280
DIČ: CZ18623280

tel.: +420 312 500 611
fax: +420 312 500 666
email: obchod@kratochvil-elektro.cz